Online Manager

The All4Feet Online Manager helps trimming companies make sure cattle are healthy and productive. Log in to the online manager and review trimmers’ hoof reports. Share easily with every member of your team, from the farmer, to the vet to the milk buyer.

The Online Manager helps you maximise profits by providing the information needed to ensure herds stay in the best possible health at all times. Trimmers and farmers can act immediately on any concerns by using information that’s updated in real-time, and available in an easy-to-read format wherever it’s needed most.

Monitor hoof health

Share reports in The Cloud

Manage dashboard & calendar

Send SMS & email notifications

Set up customer profiles

Grant access for multiple users

Review scoring history

Revise hoof trimming reports

View hoof images

Mobile App

The All4Feet Mobile App lets hoof trimmers and farmers record reports on a rugged and reliable tablet. With a robust rubber case, the tablet is able to survive the rigours of the farmyard.

The Mobile App is very easy to use, and has an impressive range of features. The reports you generate are automatically stored in The Cloud; and you can selectively share the data with other people involved in the herd rearing process before you even leave the farm.

User-friendly interface

Comprehensive medical history records

Automated shared updates and treatment requests

Custom comments & calendar

4 shareable photos per bovine

ICAR Recordable Terms

Transfer and download scorings conveniently

Access all record data offline

Recall previous reports on-site for seamless return visitations

Connect your cattle herder community with All4feet

Our innovative, BVCA-approved system helps trimmers work smarter and communicate important information to their companies as well as to farmers. But, with easily shareable data, automatic scheduling and appointment requests, All4feet can help bring the entire cattle herder community together.

Anyone with a vested interested in cattle health can participate in the system:




Farm managers


Milk buyers

Animal welfare


Trust All4feet to keep your herd healthy and productive.