All4feet Farmer Basic Tablet


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The All4feet Farmer Basic tablet is for the farmer that just wants basic way of recording cattle hoof trimming information, hoof ailments & treatments as well as mobility scoring app online system or a system to combine alongside their hoof trimming contractor. The tablet makes it easy for Farmers to upload reports in real-time.

Farmers can purchase the All4feet tablet and request their hoof trimming contractor to input data when working. Using the All4feet tablet, so it can record, then store it on one system. In addition the All4feet tablet will give a breakdown of animals and treatments for the Hoof Trimmers invoicing requirements.

The easy-to-use App comes pre-installed on a touchscreen tablet with a rugged case. For instance with a few simple taps, trimmers can generate detailed hoof trimming reports, which are automatically uploaded to the Online Manager. Therefore you are in control of your data.

Features of the Mobile App include:

  • Bovine Records
  • Comments, Treatments & Images
  • Farm Visit History
  • 3-month Bovine History Alert
  • Lifetime bovine history
  • Veterinary Advice
  • Transfer data to Online Manager via Wi-Fi
  • Download scores & company details
  • Automatic updates
  • Mobility Scoring
  • Freeze Branding Timer


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