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All4feet Consultant is a program designed for Farm Consultants and Vet practices. Professional trial product recording, genetics monitoring, University Student research recording, Digital Dermatitis monitoring, in addition to record cattle mobility scoring and hoof trimming on dairy units.

All4feet Consultant is a cloud managed website that collects data from customers into one database, making it easy to access information at anytime. All4feet Consultant allows you to discuss directly with the program designer to create specialist alerts, programs and then create a breakdown of data into a format that you require, at an additional cost. Therefore this will then alert you of concerns on your own All4feet site. We can also offer transfer of recorded data, to other databases if required.

The All4feet Consultant website can manage 500 plus units. Each dairy unit would have one All4feet recording tablet that the Mobility Manager, Herdsman & Contractor Hoof Trimmer would use in recording information at the farm. All data would be transferred from the tablet to the All4feet Consultant site.

Features of the Mobile App include:

  • Bovine Records
  • Comments, Treatments & Images
  • Farm Visit History
  • 3-month Bovine History Alert
  • Lifetime bovine history
  • Veterinary Advice
  • Transfer data to Online Manager via Wi-Fi
  • Download scores & company details
  • Automatic updates
  • Mobility Scoring
  • Freeze Branding Timer


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