All4feet Hoof Trimmer “Standard App” Startup Package “Subscription Only Purchase”




This package is for a Trimmer on a budget that is new to the All4feet System. This starter pack will kick start you All4feet experience.

What you will get:

  • Initial company setup of your online account
  • Customer are required to purchase there own Samsung Tab A8 10.5 tablet. This give the customer a full warrantee within the country of origin for the tablet purchased. The All4feet App will ONLY install on the recommended Samsung Tab A8 10.5tablet.

The All4feet Basic app is for the trimmer on a budget that just wants basic way of recording scoring. The All4feet app makes it easy for hoof trimmers to upload reports in real-time from the field.

The easy-to-use App comes pre-installed on a touchscreen tablet with a rugged case. With a few simple screen taps, trimmers can generate detailed hoof trimming reports, which are automatically uploaded to the Online Manager. You are in control of your data.

Features of the Mobile App include:

  • Bovine Records
  • Comments, Treatments & Images
  • Farm Visit History
  • 3-month Bovine History Alert
  • Lifetime bovine history
  • Veterinary Advice
  • Transfer data to Online Manager
  • Download scores & company details
  • Automatic updates
  • Mobility Scoring
  • Freeze Branding Timer
  • Invoicing Facility


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